YMCA of Greater Erie

For A Better Us

  • $5 helps provide a pair of goggles for a child learning how to swim. Googles help builds confidence in a child that is fearful of water in their eyes.
  • $15 provides necessary and proper swim gear for one child. Affording the proper equipment for swimming lessons holds kids back from learning how to swim.
  • $20 provides a one-hour wellness coaching session with a certified YMCA coach. The added support is often just what someone needs in making their first step toward change.
  • $25 provides a week’s worth of nutritious food options for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Making sure kids fill up on the good stuff not only feeds their body but their mind too.
  • $35 off sets the cost of 1 month of providing membership for a senior adult. Membership at the Y helps seniors keep active, prevent illness and stay connected with others.
  • $65 sponsors 1 child for an 8-week session of swimming lessons. Lessons are important because accidental drowning is still the 4th leading cause of death in the United States – and, we live on a lake. Plus, kids build confidence!
  • $80 sponsors 1 Veteran for an 8-week holistic class such as yoga or Tai Chi.  These classes are important to Veterans working through Post Traumatic Stress Syndrom and returning to civilian life.
  • $145 sponsors 1 Veteran for a full year of membership through our Wellness for Veterans program.  Membership is important to Veterans as they regain routine returning to civilian life.
  • $150 sponsors 2 children for 1 week of Afterschool Enrichment programs.  Learning does not have to end after the school-bells rings and children are kept safe during critical afterschool hours when risky behavior occurs.
  • $300 sponsors 1 youth for a full year of membership to our Teen Center.  Gun violence is on the rise and too many of Erie’s kids are not graduating high school.  It’s essential Teens get the support they need to stay on track and make smart choices.
  • $500 sponsors 1 adult for a full year of membership at the Y. It’s here that adults develop healthy habits and find common interests.
  • $620 sponsors 1 adult and their child for our Play & Learn early learning program.  Together, the caregiver and child learn how to turn everyday activities like running errands, emptying the dishwasher, sorting laundry, and preparing dinner into teaching moments to strengthen early learning.
  • $645 sponsors 1 child for a week of Diabetes Camp at YMCA Camp Fitch.  Kids say that attending camp helps them to feel included with their peers, when so often, they are left out.
  • $1000 sponsors 1 family for a full year of membership at the Y. This is important because families spend less time together than ever before and we believe that at the core of healthy is a strong family.