YMCA of Greater Erie

February 21, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Eastside Family Y
2101 Nagle Road
Kelly Gibson
Racquetball Challenge @ Eastside Family Y

Players, beginner, advanced or somewhere in between, are invited to join us for the Racquetball Challenge Court.  The Challenge Court is offered to promote the sport of racquetball and provide all players an opportunity to advance their skills by competing against a variety of other players. An environment of courtesy, fun, exercise, challenge and demonstration of skills are the goals of this program.

Members free; nonmembers $10


Who can play? All players are welcome

How does it work?
1. All players must personally sign in on the LINE-UP List located at the entrance to Court 1.
2. Each game will be to 11 points
3. After game is over, winner plays next challenger. If the next challenger in line has stepped away or is not available for play, this player’s name goes to the end of the list and the next in line moves up
4. First in line or winner has serve advantage
5. Winner can hold the court a maximum of two games after winning the court
6. After playing and rotating out, a player may add their name to the bottom of the list to continue play

How to keep the Challenge Court fun and safe:
USA Racquetball Association (USRA) standards for play will be observed. Rules can be viewed at http://www.usra.org.   Safety eye gear is highly recommended. All rackets must have a strap (string) attached to player’s wrist. Viewing is encouraged.

Court 2 is designated for spill-over games of Doubles or Cutthroat with the above rules being applied. Court 2 may be used for other singles matches if fewer people are waiting.