Personal-TrainerMore and more people, beginner, start/stop and veteran exercisers, alike, are working with personal trainers because they offer a practical and affordable means of getting and staying healthy.  Call 868-0867 to make an appointment or stop by the Membership Desk.

This YMCA program is designed to match you with a Personal Trainer who will develop a wellness routine to help you stay motivated and provide you with a workout designed for you to meet your personal wellness goals.

In addition to offering a FREE initial health assessment and orientation of the YMCA exercise equipment with your membership, the Y offers individual personal training.

A personal trainer is a fitness professional who develops and implements an individualized approach to physical fitness.  Trainers help an individual assess their level of physical fitness and help motivate them to work towards their personal wellness goals.

Tailor-Made Training

Personal trainers wear many hats, serving not only as coach, but also as confident, role model, educator and a major source of encouragement and motivation.

Some people may want consultation two or more times per week because it may help them to be more accountable to someone else for their exercise time. Others may prefer to see a trainer only occasionally to update their personal exercise program or for periodic fitness testing and receive feedback on their progress.

It is the beginner and stop/stop exerciser, however, that finds personal training most valuable.  A few sessions is often all it takes for some people to feel comfortable with independent exercise.

Reach Your Goals

Not seeing the results you need? Not sure how to progress your workouts to the next level? Need help adding variety to your workouts? Need motivation and support to stay committed?

You can achieve this through a Y Personal Trainer that will tailor your individual goals, cardiovascular exercise and strength training one-on-one.

Gain the confidence you need as you reach your goals increasing physical activity, strengthening muscle and balancing your diet.

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Meet the Trainers

Doug is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise.  His certifications also include, Exercise for Chronic Disabilities, Exercise for Chronic Disease, Training the Core, Exercise Programs for Older Adults, and Exercise for Special Populations.  He’s ready to help you reach your goals, whether it is getting healthy or improving your performance in the gym or on the field.  He is highly motivated and he wants to get you motivated too!  Your only regret should be that you didn’t start sooner.   Learn more about Doug.


nicholas-colorNicholas is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports and Medicine. I got interested in personal training because to me helping someone uncover the path that leads to healthy habits, improved self esteem, inner and outer strength and balance can be very exciting and contagious for everyone involved in the process. Its very fulfilling to watch the process of someone grow in a positive healthy direction. My favorite exercise is definitely the barbell deadlift because it makes you feel super powerful and hits a large amount of muscle groups at once. Its also a great tool as a trainer as it exposes individuals strengths, weaknesses and mobility issues. Lots of bang for your buck here. I do have a daily routine it either starts with my workout, yoga or meditation. The best tip I have for people is to have a clear plan of action. Define what your specific goal is, then research it and seek out ways to achieve it. Document it, and watch your progression go from there. My secret method is simple: Stay consistent and don’t give up. If you fall off the horse get right back on again, and again, and again. The longer you wait to get up, the harder it is. Fitness motto: There can be no growth or strength without resistance so embrace the resistance and grow strong.


Glenn is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise.  I became interested in personal training because I wanted to have a career that kept me physically active as an adult. I played various sports all my life, throughout high school and college, and even professionally and semi-professionally.  I wanted a career that would keep me in playing shape.  My favorite exercise is the “overhead military press”. To me, it is the ultimate upper body exercise. It incorporates a lot of the major upper body muscles and it really helps in developing the muscular look my clients want to see.  The best fitness and health tip I like to give anybody is has three parts: any exercise is better than no exercise; when you do exercise, give it your all; and drink as much water as you can. My lasting words: you only get one body for your entire life, take care of it, and treat it right if you want to make it last.  A lifetime is a long time.

Shelby is a Certified Personal Trainer through Athletic and Fitness Association of America.

I have been working in the fitness field for nearly 7 years, have been personal training through AFAA for 5 years, and certified as a cycling instructor. I am a medical student at LECOM; my passion is helping others learn to live healthy and enjoy exercise.  My personal favorite exercise is strength training, but I have significant experience working with all ages and fitness levels. I’m also a big fan of obstacle races, so I would be happy to design a training program for you specifically for races or competitions.