YMCA of Greater Erie

Whether you are looking for a great summer job or career as a professional lifeguard, the YMCA of Greater Erie Lifeguard program is the place to begin! Through classroom activities, group discussion and hands-on practice, you’ll learn the skills you need to work as a lifeguard.

Our comprehensive Lifeguard Training course includes accident prevention, lifeguarding techniques, emergency systems, and rescue skills. Course will also include CPR for the professional Rescuer with AED, Oxygen Administration and First Aid.

Training Prerequisites:

  • Must be at least 16 for YMCA certification
  • Tread water for 2 minutes using legs only
  • Swim 100 yards of free style
  • Swim 50 yards of each free style with head up, breaststroke, sidestroke,
    breaststroke with head up, elementary backstroke kick with hands on
    the chest.
  • Perform a feet-first surface-dive in 8-10 feet of water (or maximum
    depth of training facility). Then swim underwater for 15 feet.
  • Starting in the shallow end of the water, sprint for a distance of
    approximately 60 feet then perform an arm-over-arm surface dive in
    8-10 feet (or maximum depth of training facility).
  • Pick up an object from the bottom of pool, surface and tread water for
    at lease one minute with legs only, replace the object back to the
    bottom of the pool where it was found.
  • Swim the remaining length to the end of the pool and hoist yourself
    out of the water.
  • Immediately begin compression on an adult manikin for one minute or
    100 compressions, stand and listen to directions for instructor.

Certification Requirements:

To receive Lifeguard Certification a participant must:

  • Attend 100% of all class sessions
  • Arrive on time for all class sessions
  • Participate 100% in all class sessions
  • Pass prerequisites
  • Pass written and skills test
  • Demonstrate maturity, respect and responsibility regardless of passing written and skill test

Cost & Registration

  • Includes price of YMCA Lifeguard Manual (On the Guard 2016 edition),
    blended learning for ASHI and cards/e-learning, fanny pack with pocket mask
    and gloves, whistle and certification card.
  • YMCA Employee-free
  • Members-$30 for Prerequisite Swim $165 after Passing Swim
  • Non-Members-$40 for Prerequisite Swim $185 after Passing Swim
  • All registrations are non-refundable
  • Registrations may be taken over the phone or in person branch of your choice. Payment is due at time of registration.
    Please Note: This course is physically demanding. All participants should be in excellent
    physical condition and have strong swimming skills. The YMCA does not
    guarantee participants will pass. No refunds will be issued.